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About us

About us

Please let us introduce ourselves

You set high standards for the holiday home you want to build, because it is one of your most expensive purchases. For over 20 years we have been forging all of your wishes, combined with our craftsmanship and commitment, into one package – into a truly affordable ICB home: the “premier league” on the market. With a team of old-school craftsmen and women, complemented by the most modern construction techniques, we now also offer our premium homes directly to you and to many of the bigger parks in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a holiday home with the right balance between quality/sustainability and affordability? From now on, you can no longer ignore us. Contact International Chalet Bouw, discover our commitment and passion, and experience our quality as well as our affordability!

Buy directly from the builder

You have found your dream location and have the opportunity to build a home of your choice. The benefits you have in this case are:

  • A lot of freedom of choice in terms of models and construction
  • 100% customization is in many cases possible, in addition to savings in your purchase. After all, an intermediate link (i.e., the park) is removed.

We launched our new Eco-Design line in mid-March 2018. These are very special homes that have never been produced in the Netherlands before. They are compliant to the Building Code and are built in such a way that the energy supply can take place entirely from your own home. They are beautifully designed and are built with the very best materials.

Team International Chalet Bouw
Owner International Chalet Bouw

Our core values


    When possible, the chalet can be delivered nationally both 'turn-key' and in semi-manufactured state.

    Over 20 years of experience

    A supplier who has earned their 'stripes'. 

    Latest building techniques

    International Chalet Construction has a single point of contact when it comes to advice related to the entire process.

We offer

The Process

When you have decided to go with ICB, we will guide you through the process which consists of the following steps:

    2. A first design with clarifications

    After taking inventory, we will go over the accommodation with the selected materials with you. This conversation will usually take place at our offices, where we have a show room where we compose the accommodation with you. After our conversation, we will provide you with a design drawing with the layout as we have compiled it, free of commitment. It goes without saying that this comes with a clear price indication and the relevant warranty provisions.

    2. A first draft with explanation

    After the inventory, we go through the house with you with the chosen materials. This conversation usually takes place at our location where we have a showroom where we put together the home with you. After our conversation, you will receive a design drawing from us without obligation with the layout as we have put it together. Of course, this includes a good and clear quotation with associated warranty provisions.

    3 Start of the construction process

    Do you agree to the design drawing, the used materials and the provided solutions? If so, we will draft the construction planning and delivery times together. After all, clarity before the start is to everyone's advantage.

    4. Viewings in the meantime

    Not every builder is happy with this. It is often seen as an obstacle and delay. However, it is essential for you as a buyer! This is what we represent at ICB. We like it when you, as a buyer, visit our factory in the meantime to see what progress is being made with your accommodation.

    5. Delivery and connection

    The accommodation is brought to location and connected. Let the accommodation 'settle in' and we will go over the accommodation together after the 'adjustment' period to discuss any delivery issues. Please note: a good home insurance is essential. If you wish, we can take care of this for you.

    6. After commissioning

    After delivery, we are not done yet. Our structure allows us to compile a package for you that involves us visiting your location annually to fix any defects and help carry out the necessary maintenance. All after consulting you, of course. After all, the purchase of your accommodation should keep being a joy!