Please let us introduce ourselves

You set high standards for the holiday home you want to build, because it is one of your most expensive purchases. For over 20 years we have been forging all of your wishes, combined with our craftsmanship and commitment, into one package – into a truly affordable ICB home: the “premier league” on the market. With a team of old-school craftsmen and women, complemented by the most modern construction techniques, we now also offer our premium homes directly to you and to many of the bigger parks in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a holiday home with the right balance between quality/sustainability and affordability? From now on, you can no longer ignore us. Contact International Chalet Bouw, discover our commitment and passion, and experience our quality as well as our affordability!

Buy directly from the builder

You have found your dream location and have the opportunity to build a home of your choice. The benefits you have in this case are:

  • A lot of freedom of choice in terms of models and construction
  • 100% customization is in many cases possible, in addition to savings in your purchase. After all, an intermediate link (i.e., the park) is removed.

We launched our new Eco-Design line in mid-March 2018. These are very special homes that have never been produced in the Netherlands before. They are compliant to the Building Code and are built in such a way that the energy supply can take place entirely from your own home. They are beautifully designed and are built with the very best materials.

Our advice

Look for a supplier that has earned its "spurs", that supplies nationally and, if possible, can deliver the home both as a semi-finished product as well as "turnkey". A single point of contact when it comes to advice with regard to materials used, the progress of construction, delivery, transport, the interior and connections is highly desirable. These are the core concepts that we stand for.

Please note: we have our own service department that can quickly and adequately resolve any calamities for you. Service is our motto.

The Process

When you have decided to go with ICB, we will guide you through the process which consists of the following steps:

Inventory of your wishes

What is your budget, how big should the house be (number of bedrooms), do you need special facilities? With us, everything is possible.
Keep in mind: a good constructor thinks along with you and points out any available funding for sustainable construction. That is another added value of ICB.

A first design with clarification

After making an inventory, we discuss the home and the chosen materials with you. This meeting usually takes place at our location where we have a showroom where we will put together the house together with you. After our conversation, you will receive a design drawing with the layout as we have put it together, without any obligations. Obviously, this includes a good and clear quotation with accompanying warranty conditions.

Start of the construction process

Do you agree with the design drawing, the materials used and the solutions proposed? Then we jointly draw up the construction planning and delivery times. After all, clarity in advance is desirable for all parties.

interim visits

Not every constructor likes them. It is often found to be a nuisance and a cause for delay, but for you as a buyer it is essential! This is what we stand for as ICB. We actually appreciate that you, the buyer, visits our factory to see how we are progressing with the construction of your home.

Handover and connections

The house is transported to the location and connected. Let the house get adjusted and together we will walk through the house after the adjustment period to discuss possible completion points. Note: good home insurance is essential. We can take care of this for you if desired.

After commissioning

We do not stop after delivery. We are set up in such a way that we can put together a package for you, in which we visit the site annually to remedy any defects and carry out the necessary maintenance. Naturally in consultation with you. After all, the purchase of your home should remain fun!