Building senior housing at International Chalet Construction

Are you interested in building senior housing? We understand! It is becoming increasingly interesting to build senior housing at an increasingly affordable price.  At International Chalet Construction, you can build senior housing and our design will be based on your wishes. If you choose to build cheap senior housing with us, you will also be able to choose your own interior. Because we build tailor-made senior housing!


The benefits of buying senior housing

Building senior housing can decrease the distance between seniors and informal care providers. This gives family members the assurance that their father or mother is nearby. By building senior housing, we ensure that people can enjoy each other's company for longer and that they can offer each other support. While at the same time, they can continue to lead their own lives and none of the parties need to move in with the other. If you decide to build senior housing, we will take care of everything for you. This leaves you completely free to choose your desired location and we will make sure that your senior housing is installed at your perfect location. In addition, your wishes are the basis of our design and our designers are open to your ideas at every moment! With over 20 years of experience, we are the experts in chalet construction. Would you like to receive more information about constructing senior housing? We will go over the follow-up process with you!

    You choose your location and interior yourself
    Fully tailor-made
    Over 20 years of experience

A selection of our existing models

Would you rather choose one of our existing models or get some inspiration fora a new design for your senior housing that will be built? Go ahead and take a look at our existing models!

Tailored advice

At International Chalet Construction, the chalet builders construct your senior housing with high quality down to the details.  If you are looking for tailor-made senior housing, there are other businesses in the Netherlands who can do this for you.  You can't read the difference between the various companies, and you can certainly not experience it from a website. Our sincere advice: just go and meet some of the builders and experience, like hundreds of buyers once again this year, the difference in approach, finish, exceptional standard equipment and warranties.