• Informal care home according to your own wishes
  • Tailor-made
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Transparent construction process

Having an informal care home constructed

Would you like to build an informal care home in The Netherlands? In that case, you've come to the right place at International Chalet Construction. You can have the informal care home constructed attached to your home or in your garden, for instance. This will ensure you are close to your loved ones who you want to care for as long as possible in a familiar environment. International Chalet Construction builds an informal care home according to your wishes. We can discuss and realize everything and we have over 20 years of experience! Discover the possibilities.


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Why buy an informal care home?

Buying an informal care home can be a great solution for families who want to care for a loved one who needs extra support. For example, an informal care home can be placed in a caregiver's yard. Because this type of home is often not built directly attached to a house, everyone keeps their privacy. This way of living simplifies the caregiver's care tasks and ensures that the person(s) in need of care do not have to move to a care home/nursing home. An informal care home is suitable for any person with special needs and all age groups. 

Having an informal care home built by International Chalet Construction

Thanks to years of experience, you are in good hands with International Chalet Construction if you want to have an informal care home built. We provide tailor-made advice and informal care homes. We go through a number of steps with you to allow us to provide you with your perfect informal care home. We first have a conversation to talk about all aspects regarding the informal care home After we discuss of all of your wishes, we create a first design. When we have a definitive design, we start working on the construction of your informal care home. It goes without saying that you can view the accommodation and the progress in the meantime.  


Why International Chalet Construction?

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Quality, durability, and affordability
  • For individuals and business market
  • Involved with the whole process
  • Completely according to your own wishes

Your tailor-made informal care home

We tailor your informal care home completely for you and realize an optimal layout with you. Do you prefer one or two bathrooms, a modified bathroom, a patio, or do you have other wishes, for instance? No problem! Everything can be discussed and realized. If you are building an informal care home, there are a number of steps you will have to go through:

Step 1: choose your dream location
Step 2: select your type
Step 3: personalize the informal care home
Step 4: choose an interior
Step 5: the delivery

    Choose your dream location

    An informal care home in the yard, connected to your house, or on a different private plot of land? Pick your ideal location. 

    Select your type

    Choose the type of home that best meets your desires and needs.


    Modify the design and add details to give the home a personal touch.

    Choose the furnishing

    Decide on the furnishing of your informal care home, making sure it meets your demands in terms of look and functionality.

    The delivery

    View the final result here, and start using your informal care home. 


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