Building Decree

The Building Decree 2012 contains two terms about holiday homes.

Residential function for holiday home or so-called lodging function for holiday home

What's the difference here?

In general, a holiday home must meet the so-called accommodation function, this means that the home, in contrast to the home with a residential function, has different new construction requirements.

The differences listed below:

Burglar resistance: no requirements for a holiday home.

Noise requirements: no requirements for protection against outside noise for a holiday home.

installation noise within the "home" and sound insulation between living areas within the "home", lower requirements for sound insulation between user functions. Purge ventilation: no requirements for a holiday home.

Daylight: no requirements for a holiday home.

Presence and dimensions of various spaces: less strict requirements for a holiday home

Energy efficiency: less stringent EPC requirement for holiday homes

In addition, an environmental permit for fireproof use is required for an accommodation function.

  1. A recreational home and a holiday home must meet the requirements for a "accommodation function" according to the 2012 Building Decree. For various requirements, an accommodation function is further subdivided into a "accommodation function in an accommodation building" and a "other accommodation function". This concerns a "different accommodation function" with adjusted conditions.
  2. There is no relationship between the Zoning Plan* and the Building Decree. The holiday home must meet the requirements of the Building Decree that pertain to the applicable use function and, in addition, the use must be in accordance with the zoning plan. The definitions from the regulations cannot be compared with each other.

Zoning plan

Article 3.1, paragraph 1, Spatial Planning Act

The municipal council establishes one or more zoning plans for the entire territory of the municipality, whereby for the benefit of good spatial planning, the uses of the land included in the plan is decided and rules are laid down with a view to that purpose. These rules in any case concern rules regarding the use of the land and the buildings located there. These rules can also serve the feasibility of the uses included in the plan, on the understanding that these rules with regard to housing construction categories only relate to percentages related to the plan area.

Building Decree

Article 2 (1) of the Housing Act

By or pursuant to an order in council, technical regulations regarding:
a. building a structure;
b. the condition of an existing structure;

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