International Chalet Bouw
International Chalet Bouw
We build custom chalets!
A custom holiday home

International Chalet Bouw

Naturally, you have high expectations when it comes to the construction of your holiday home, because it is likely one of the largest purchases you will ever make. For over 20 years, we have been fusing all of our customer's needs together with our craftsmanship and commitment into truly affordable ICB holiday homes. Indeed, we operate on the highest level of our industry. With a team of real craftsmen and women supplemented by the latest construction techniques, we deliver premium homes directly to you and to many of the largest resorts of the Netherlands.


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ICB is a full service provider of everything related to holiday homes.

We design, build, deliver, install, maintain, rent, and improve holiday homes.

This is done at competitive rates and the highest degree of commitment and service.

From delivery to the day of sale, we have a proven record of controlling the entire process.


Who are we?

If you are looking for a holiday home with the right balance between quality/sustainability and affordability, we are the best the industry has to offer. Feel free to contact us and discover our commitment and passion, and experience both our quality and affordability!

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Our contracts are completely sharp and comprehensive. We call this ensuring 100% peace of mind.
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It goes without saying that the typically Dutch seasons have their effect on a holiday accommodation. ICB covers the entire spectrum when it comes to recreation. This means you are at the right address with ICB for service contracts as well.
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Customer reviews:

"Our cottages are inspired by the sod houses of Gelderland. ICB advised us on the design and supervised its construction from start to finish. Highly recommended!" 

Krommehoek Project


"A holiday home, 365 days a year! Naturally, this means its very important that our holiday homes are built to last. ICB has built our homes with skill and professionalism."

- Brunssum Project

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