• Chalet according to your own wishes
  • All expertise in-house
  • Many years of experience

Building a tailor-made chalet

If you are looking for a chalet building, you've come to the right place at International Chalet Construction. We have been developing chalets for individuals and companies for over 20 years. With years of experience, craftsmanship and involvement, you can have a tailor-made chalet constructed by us completely according to your own wishes. You also have a wide range of completely renovated chalets to choose from with us. Discover the possibilities for your tailor-made chalet at International Chalet Construction.


Have a chalet constructed by International Chalet Construction

Thanks to years of experience, you are in good hands for the construction of a chalet at International Chalet Construction. We provide tailored advice and build your chalet correctly down to the details. We go through a number of steps together for this, to ensure that the accommodation meets your wishes. We first have a conversation to talk about the wishes regarding the chalet. After we complete an inventory of all of your wishes, we start working on a first design. If you agree to the design drawing, we start the construction process. It goes without saying that you are welcome for a viewing to take a look at the progress in the meantime. Contact us for more information and experience our quality and affordability!

Why International Chalet Construction?

  • Quality, durability, and affordability
  • Fully customizable
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • For individuals and business market
  • Involved with the whole process

Your completely tailor-made chalet

We tailor your chalet completely and realize an optimal layout with you. One or two bathrooms, a built-in sauna or other luxurious wellness facilities? Everything is possible and gets built according to the construction decision. You will go through the following steps when you want to have a tailor-made chalet built. 

Step 1: choose your dream location
Step 2: select your type
Step 3: tell us your personal wishes
Step 4: choose an interior
Step 5: discuss the delivery