• High insulation values, safe and affordable
  • Tailored advice
  • Exceptional standard equipment and warranties

Private Buyers

From now on you can also buy directly from our factories as a private buyer. We fully customize your home and collaborate with you to create the perfect layout. One or two bathrooms, a built-in sauna, very luxurious wellness facilities and entirely energy neutral; everything is possible. Of course it is also possible to build your holiday home in accordance with the building code. Durably built with high insulation values, safe and affordable are the standard at ICB.


Personal Advice

We build your home right down to the last detail! If you are looking for a holiday home, there are 5 larger renowned builders in the Netherlands who also make excellent products with a wide choice of materials and styles. You cannot perceive and certainly not experience the distinction between the different companies through a website. Our sincere advice: just get to know a number of builders and experience – just like hundreds of buyers did this year – the difference in approach, finish, our exceptional standard equipment and guarantees.

    Step 1. Choose your dream location

    Take a look at the plots in The Netherlands here. We can offer these at the most beautiful locations and with honest, transparent conditions.

    Step 2. Select your type

    We have three model lines ranging from proven classics (T-line) to modern design (D-line) and our most exclusive one (E-line).

    Step 3. Personalize it

    You've made a choice for the type and you will choose the size and interior. We will fully customize it with you.

    Step 4. Choose interior

    Get to know our extensive standard equipment and choose from nearly every possible extra to provide your accommodation with the right personal allure.

    Step 5. Delivery

    Setting a final check together and determine how and where the new recreation accommodation will be placed with a yard and connection including transport?

    Are you taking the first step?

    Are you taking the first step toward your own chalet? If so, please make an appointment so we can contact you.