• Active since 2014
  • A deal is a deal
  • Top class in the market

Renovation of your home

ICB has been active in the renovation/home improvement of holiday homes that are used for rental since 2014. We naturally provide a transparent professional quotation where “a deal is a deal”. You set the high standards for a holiday home to be built because it is one of your biggest purchases. For more than 15 years, we have forged all your wishes combined with craftsmanship and commitment into a whole, resulting in a real affordable ICB house, the “champions league” on the market.

What can you expect from a renovation?

Enlarging or completely changing (rebuilding) up to and including the installation of energy-saving parts is extremely familiar territory for us.

Adapting homes in parks to group homes is our specialty, as is the division of spaces into rental units.

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  • Rebuilding the chalet
  • Application of energy-efficient parts
  • Modify into group of homes
  • Splitting rooms into rental units