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Holiday home insurance

Is your holiday home properly insured? If a holiday home is bought, it is important that a building and contents insurance is taken out. This means that the insurance covers fire and water damage, the consequences of a lightning strike, window damage and theft.

Holiday home insurance: contents

A holiday home includes contents if it holds is furniture, kitchen utensils, garden furniture and, for example, bicycles. The contents can be insured when taking out a holiday home insurance. Coverage is then offered for, among other things, the financial consequences that arise as a result of a burglary or fire in the holiday home. The contents are insured for the same risks the holiday home itself is insured for. Therefore, regarding the holiday home both the building and its contents can be insured.

Recreational home insurance: contents

In the case of a recreational home, it is called contents when it includes furniture, kitchen utensils, garden furniture and e.g. bicycles. Contents can be co-insured when taking out recreational home insurance. Coverage is then provided for, among other things, the financial consequences arising from burglary or fire in the recreational home. The contents are insured against the same risks as those against which the holiday home itself is insured. The recreational home can thus be insured for the building and contents.

Holiday home insurance: building

The holiday home insurance usually only refers to building insurance. This insurance covers damage caused to the property as a result of a burglary, storm or fire. This concerns the so-called basic coverage that can be further expanded to also provide coverage for other risks. The holiday home insurance as a building insurance is mandatory if there is a mortgage on the holiday home. The basic coverage of the holiday home insurance can be extended with coverage against risks such as damage from melt water, rain, water flowing into the house from the water mains and collisions. The most comprehensive coverage of a holiday home covers all sudden events that are unforeseen. Incidentally, differences can be found among the insurance companies with regard to the extent of the coverage, the premiums and the deductible, and special conditions may also apply. For example, if a holiday home is insured with the most extensive coverage, the holiday home must be built of stone and fitted with a wooden roof cover. Insurance companies can also make use of exclusions such as wooden holiday homes that are located in unguarded areas or holiday homes on the beach.

Subject to

  • For the most comprehensive coverage, the recreational home must be built from stone and have a wooden roof. 
  • Wooden recreational houses located on unguarded sites or recreational houses on the beach are sometimes excluded.

Best premium

It is best to do your own research according to a step-by-step plan. If you have engaged an independent intermediary for your insurance, you can request a quote for a home and contents insurance policy for your holiday home. If you do not use an independent intermediary, ask your own insurer or search the internet for providers of insurance for holiday homes. This can be done, for example, via Google with a search such as "second home insurance" or "holiday home insurance". You will see various search results appear. Also take a look at Independer or, on the page "holiday home insurance". You will then be taken to a page where you can find the calculation of the premium.

It is a good idea to opt for the most extensive coverage, information about this is usually found under the heading "everything". Please note: some insurers do not allow the combination of "everything" and a rental property. Sometimes a warning appears, sometimes the coverage automatically shifts to the extended coverage or the standard coverage. In many cases, there will be an extra premium with no additional cover in return. Would you like more information? Leave behind your details and we will contact you shortly.

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