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5 reasons to buy a care accommodation

5 reasons to buy a care accommodation

Due to the aging population and increasing pressure on nursing homes, more and more people are choosing to get care closer to home. In addition, not everyone is happy with the long waiting times for a place in the nursing home. People prefer to just stay close to their loved ones. A informal care home is an excellent option for providing (intensive) care to loved ones. In this blog, we highlight 5 important advantages of buying a care accommodation:

1. Always close to your loved ones

With a care accommodation on your own property or in the immediate vicinity, you are always close to your loved one(s) in need of care. This offers you the opportunity to provide more care and support. You are better able to keep an eye on things and help with daily tasks.  Another advantage is that the person in need of care can easily visit your home to enjoy a meal or some company. 

2. An investment for the future

Of course, an alternative to buying an informal care home is to go to a nursing home. However, you will pay significantly for this these days. Buying a care accommodation is a one-time investment that often lasts for decades and retains a high residual value. You can choose to sell the home again at a later date, so that the investment retains its value.

3. Making informal care tasks easier

As an informal caregiver, you can benefit from a care accommodation by saving time on all care tasks. People often choose to place a care home in the yard or in the immediate vicinity of the house. This short distance makes it easier to help with cooking, dressing, taking medication, and other daily activities. You can also keep an eye on things better

4. Longer independence

When your loved ones live further away, a nursing home is often a more likely choice. But why?  The care homes of International Chaletbouw can be tailor-made and can therefore be adapted seamlessly to the needs of the person requiring care. For instance, we can take into account special facilities such as barrier-free access, adapted bathrooms, and lower kitchens.  This allows people to live independently for longer. 

5. Reducing loneliness and socisl isolaciot

Unfortunately, loneliness and social isolation are common problems among the elderly, especially in healthcare institutions. Elderly people can escape this by living in an informal care home on the same site or in the immediate vicinity. Regular contact, playing games, or cooking together ensures social connection and contributes to mental well-being

Does buying an informal care accommodation sound appealing to you?

If so, feel free to schedule a non-binding appointment or contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Inspiration from some of our previously built care homes ⤵

The informal care homes of International Chaletbouw:

    Comfortably and completely furnished

    Decide on the layout and furnishing of the care accommodation yourself so that it meets the requirements in terms of functionality. 

    Delivered and connected by us

    After the joint final inspection, we install the house at the location including connection. 

    Can be maintainef by us

    In addition to building and delivering care accommodations, we also offer service and maintenance contracts.