• Holiday accommodation according to your own wishes
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Tailor-made

Having a recreational home built

If you are looking to have a recreational home built in the Netherlands, International Chalet Construction is the right place! You have several models to choose from. For example, a traditional home, luxury villa or a gas-free recreational custom home.  Anything is possible at International Chalet Construction! We deliver a vacation home that completely meets your needs. Discover the possibilities and make an appointment.

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Have a vacation home built by International Chalet Construction

If you are having a vacation home built you are in good hands with International Chalet Construction. Through our years of experience, we provide customized advice and carefully build your vacation home. Together, we go through a series of steps so that when we deliver, you are completely satisfied with your custom vacation home. First, we schedule a meeting to determine all of the requirements surrounding your vacation home. Once all wishes have been expressed, we create an initial design. Once the design is approved, we can begin construction. In the meantime, you can always stop by to see the progress of construction. Contact us and experience the balance between quality and affordability!

Why International Chalet Construction?

  • Quality, durability, and affordability
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • For individuals and business market
  • Involved with the whole process
  • Completely according to your own wishes

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Your customized recreational home

When you have a recreational home built by International Chalet Construction it will be completely custom built. Prefer one or two bathrooms, a built-in sauna or other spa amenities? Everything is possible by arrangement! If you are having a recreational home custom built there are a number of steps we will go through together.

Step 1: Choose your dream spot
Step 2: Select your type
Step 3: Make your personal wishes known
Step 4: Choose a furnishing
Step 5: discuss the delivery