International Chalet Bouw
Build sustainable home

Build sustainable home

  • Completely tailor-made
  • All expertise in-house
  • Without gas and with a heat pump, solar panels and more

Have a sustainable home built

Sustainability still plays an important role in our daily life. With the current rising energy fees, it makes sense to decide to have a sustainable home built. At International Chalet Bouw you can have a fully customizable sustainable home built.  Off the gas grid, with electric floor heating, heat pumps, additional isolation, solar panels, and more! Discover the possibilities.

One of our eco homes

Have an eco home built by International Chalet Bouw

With over 20 years of experience, at International Chalet Bouw we have all expertise in-house. So we are the right partner for building a sustainable home. We provide tailored advice and develop your eco home down to all the details. We go through a roadmap process together, where we first list your wishes. Based on this, we create a first design. Upon approval, we start construction. As buyer you can visit the plot during construction, in order to inspect the progress. We don't quit after delivery. We can visit you on location each year for necessary maintenance and to resolve any issues. 

Why pick International Chalet Bouw?

    Over 20 years of experience
    High-quality, sustainable and affordable
    Involved with the whole process
    Completely according to your own wishes

Your custom sustainable home

Whatever your desires regarding your sustainable holiday home may be, together we'll develop the ideal layout and style.  For example, you could consider multiple bathrooms, a built-in sauna, facilities for the disabled, and lots more. 100% customization is usually possible with us, and can lead to price reductions. As for style, we have an inventory package with three styles you can choose between to furnish your home: traditional, design (modern), or exclusive. Contact us for the options!

Roadmap customization

Step 1: Pick your dream location
Step 2: Select your type
Step 3: Share your personal wishes
Step 4: Pick inventory
Step 5: discuss the delivery