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Buying a flex home: your key to affordable and luxurious living

At International Chaletbouw, you can buy a custom–made flex home. You can use the flex home yourself or make it available to rent out. There is an increasing demand for flex homes due to the shortage of homes on the market. Flex living offers a great solution, especially for people who need housing quickly, such as students, flex workers, and migrant workers. The flex homes are built prefab in our factory and will be delivered to the location of your choice. The homes are free of gas, with electric underfloor heating, extra insulation, and can be completed with many more sustainable options. 

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Flex living with complete service

You place high demands on a recreation home to be built because it is a major purchase. At International Chaletbouw, we will therefore guide and unburden you as much as possible. We guide you from the design of the flex home to delivery and connection. Even after commissioning, we can put together a package where we visit the site annually to repair any defects and carry out maintenance. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we build our homes with the right balance between quality, sustainability, and affordability. 

In 5 steps to your new flex home

    Step 1. Taking inventory of your wishes
    Step 2. First draft with explanation
    Step 3. Start of the construction process
    Step 4. Interim viewings
    Step 5. Delivery and connection

Sustainable and modular

The flex homes are built in sections in the factory, which makes it 4–6 times faster than regular construction. This makes the delivery time of our recreation homes a lot shorter. During the construction process, there is the option to build the flex home according to your wishes and needs. The homes are lighter, so moving them is a lot easier and the available space can be used wisely. Because the homes are already built in the factory, delivery and connection are much more sustainable and circular.  This means you only have to drive once. 


For the business and private market

What other interested people asked us:

What does the process of buying a flex home look like?

First of all, you choose your dream spot where you want the home to be placed. Then you select your type, with all your wishes and the desired design. Completion will then be discussed and we will ensure that the home is placed in your dream spot.

For whom can flex living be a solution?

Flex living can be a solution for everyone. Flex living has its advantages for everyone, such as that it is temporary, inexpensive, and the home can be placed in a location of your choice.