Our service contracts

All our homes come with a factory warranty. To be able to make use of this, you must perform regular maintenance on your new property or have this performed. The typical Dutch seasons naturally have an effect on a holiday home, however sustainable it may be built. Material reacts to the heat in the summer and the cold and humidity in the fall and winter.

You can, of couse, choose a company from your area or perhaps the park also offers maintenance contracts. Make sure that these are recognized by us and that the correct checks are carried out. Every year our quality controllers check the following:

  • The chassis
  • The building construction
  • Moisture content through moisture measurement
  • The skylights
  • Condition of the frame rubbers
  • Sanitary kitchen and bathroom
  • Boiler and heating
  • Functioning electricity
  • Level
  • State of gutters
  • The ventilation grilles
  • All exterior doors and windows
  • Crack or drying of sealant seams
  • Functioning of equipment
  • Wear and tear from rental