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  • Over 20 years of experience

Services offered by International Chalet Construction

International Chalet Construction has many in-house areas of expertise. We design, build, deliver, install, maintain, let and improve recreational accommodations. ICB is a supplier who has earned its 'stripes' with over 20 years of work experience. We deliver nationally and, when possible, we can deliver the accommodation both 'turn-key' and as a semi-manufactured product. There is a single point of contact when it comes to advice regarding the used materials, progress on construction, delivery, transport, interior and connection.

Please not that we have our own advice service which can resolve any incidents for you quickly and adequately. Service is our motto.

A few of the services of ICB ⤵

How we go through the process with you

We always start with an intake conversation about your wishes and needs. Based on the wishes and needs, a first design is created. This design is discussed with you and when you agree, a construction planning is made. The chalet builders start working on building the chalet for you. You can visit us for a viewing in the meantime to see how things are coming along. When the chalet is finished, it is brought to the location and installed.  After delivery, we are not done yet. We are structured in such a way that we can create a package that involves us visiting your location annually to fix any defects and carry out the necessary maintenance. You're in good hands with us! You can contact us for more information.

More information about the process ⤵