Buy your very own luxurious lodge

Do you own a piece of land where you would like to erect a (vacation) home? At International Chalet Bouw, we are happy to build one for you. Whether you want to buy one lodge on your private land as an individual, or whether you want to professionally invest in several lodges at a vacation resort, for example. We will start building your lodge based on your requirements, which you are free to set yourself.  Choose the dimensions, single-story or with an upper floor, the number of bathrooms, and so on. The place where you want to put the lodge is entirely up to you, we will take care of the full delivery and placement. Would you like to learn about the options, with no strings attached?


Our premium models:


The many windows in the home allow for plenty of natural light.


A very spacious and comfortable vacation home suitable for 6 people.


The Pavillon is a luxury 4 person vacation home with tall windows.

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Increasing demand for eco lodges

With society becoming increasingly aware of sustainable living, we are noticing a rise in demand for the purchase of eco lodges in particular.  If you choose to buy an eco lodge, you will benefit from water & energy savings and waste reduction, among other things. Because International Chalet Bouw always builds prefab lodges, there are relatively few transportation movements and we can work with sustainable materials and energy-efficient equipment. Would you like to buy the lodge as a vacation rental? Then you will also benefit from ecotourism. 


Having a lodge constructed

There are several places where you can buy a lodge in the Netherlands, but obviously your requirements for a lodge are high. At International Chalet Bouw, we combine affordability, quality, and sustainability.  Due to our years of experience, we also know how to build lodges that you will feel right at home in. It is partly because of our transparent process and cooperation with you, the buyer, that we always achieve the best results. Accordingly, the buying process looks like this:

    1. Taking stock of your needs
    2. Receive the first draft
    3. Start of the construction process
    4. Interim viewings
    5. Delivery and connection
    6. Service after occupancy

What other interested parties asked us:

May I use my own lodge?

You are completely free to use your lodge as you wish after you purchase it.  However, please pay attention to the zoning plan of the respective municipality. For example, it is not possible to place a lodge in a vacation resort if you want to permanently reside in it. 

What kinds of service contracts do you offer?

All of our homes come with a manufacturer warranty. To take advantage of this, you will need to perform (or arrange to have performed) regular maintenance on your new property.  Of course, you can choose a company in your area to do this, or perhaps the resort also offers maintenance contracts. Please make sure that these are recognized by us and proper checks take place.