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Buying a bungalow at International Chaletbouw

  • Completely tailor-made
  • Includes delivery to your own location
  • Over 20 years of experience

Comfortable and tailor-made

Are you considering to purchase a bungalow? You might already have something in mind, or are curious about the possibilities.  Buying a bungalow to live in permanently, or a bungalow as recreation home to relax in? Both are possible!  At International Chaletbouw we develop fully tailor-made bungalows so the home perfectly matches your living needs. It's this personal touch that truly turns your new house into a home. Pick your own spot for your bungalow, and we take care of the delivery, placement, and connection. That's how you buy a bungalows without any worries! Would you already like to learn about the options, no strings attached?

An impression of our bungalows:

Commissioning a prefab bungalow

The main advantage of the International Chaletbouw bungalows is they are constructed prefab. This results in quicker construction times and less (construction) disturbances for neighbors. Furthermore, because the bungalow is built in the factory, there are fewer transport movements than in regular construction.  The risk of delays because of adverse weather conditions also disappears. Through the quicker construction time and lower amount of transport movements, the staff and transport fees are lowered and the construction is more sustainable. This is one of the reasons we can offer competitive rates

Commissioning your tailor-made bungalow

You would like your new house to feel like home quickly, and that's why we offer the opportunity to have the bungalow fully tailor-made. Pick the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, or specific wellness facilities. Furthermore, sustainability also plays an important role and you can pick a home off the gas grid, electric floor heating, heat pumps, additional isolation, solar panels, and more! After our introduction talk, we list your demands together, and we will create an (initial) design. Once you decide to have the bungalow built, we jump straight into action for you. 

International Chaletbouw

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Quality, durability, and affordability
  • A true family business
  • Completely tailor-made
  • Most modern construction techniques
  • For both private and business market

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What other interested parties asked us:

I would like to make a business purchase of multiple bungalows, is this possible?

At International Chaletbouw you can buy a bungalow both as a business or private purchase. If you wish to buy multiple prefab bungalows, we'd like to get in touch with you to have a look at your demands and needs. We take 100% care of everything, so you can quickly benefit from your investment without any worries. Take a look at our most recent deliveries

Can I also pick my own interior?

You can pick the style of the interior of your bungalow yourself. We have three different interior options: traditional, design, or exclusive. In order to make the right decision, we will discuss which interior suits you best together. You can expand the interior package from 6 to 8 persons. Want to know more about the options?