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Holiday Homes

Holiday homes come in single, double or L-shaped models. With a number of suppliers - including us - you are completely free to put together your holiday home. Think of the number of bedrooms, where do you want the windows and doors, the location of the windows and doors, what does your dream kitchen look like? We can supply both hardwood and plastic frames for doors and windows, and for example a bay window or a panoramic window. The roof can be supplied as a flat roof, pent roof, gable roof, pyramid or wolf roof; with or without reed hood made of real reed or completely maintenance-free reed. Are you going for tile plates, shingles or real roof tiles on the roof?


A few of our recreational home models


Working with sustainable materials

The material used today is generally low-maintenance, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Sound and heat insulation are items that some constructors are saving on, as is the chassis on which the house is placed (the chassis is the bottom part of the chalet), which is not visible from the outside. A chassis is decisive for the stability and lifespan of your holiday home. Preferably, this is constructed from heavily rolled steel beams of IPE 100, 120, 160 or possibly IPE 300 for a holiday home with a second floor.

If we look at the wall finishes, Canexel is widely used in 2017, a product made of wood fibers and finished with a color. This gives the finished product the desired look and it is virtually maintenance free. Trespa is also widely used for its maintenance-free indestructibility, as well as for its aesthetic qualities, colors and textured patterns. Red Cedar is one of the most commonly used types of wood for wall cladding. It is durable and stable, is lightweight and is excellent for painting or lacquering.

Building a traditional masonry wall is also one of the many possibilities for a finishing layer. Commonly used masonry bonds are the stretcher bond, cross bond and chain bond. As a finishing layer of the masonry, a type of mortar joint of choice and color can be traditionally applied. Stone strips suggest a traditional brick wall indoors and/or outdoors. However, because no mason is involved, this is a much cheaper alternative than actual masonry. A lot of options, with all the consequences for price, sustainability, maintenance and depreciation. Let yourself be well advised – at ICB we do nothing else.


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